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Trend Alert: Backpacks for Spring 2014

I actually typed 2013 as the title of this post, and thank goodness it didn’t go to press with the wrong year on it! You’d think that by March, I’d be writing the correct year…oh boy…

So I want to tell you about a new spring trend that’s popped up before the first flowers (it’s a balmy 17 degrees with flurries today in Dallas, TX) and it’s one I think I can dig…the backpack. Now we aren’t talking about your high school Jansport backpack that you had everyone sign with a sharpie and had 100 key chains and soda can tab art on. (C’mon, was I the only one???) No, my dear, we are talking chic and functional and probably better for your health than a tote weighing the same amount.

Neiman Marcus is highlighting backpacks right now – some even available for pre-order! How’s that for being one step ahead of the trend? Click here to see Neiman Marcus’s line up of backpacks.



A Cool Mix of Print

Cool print mix bedroom

A cool color palette with a subtle mix of prints creates a serene and cozy place to retreat to at the end of a busy day!

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