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Are you a “ Hot Chick” too?

"Hot Chick" Greg Gummersall

These are just a few from Greg Gummersall’s Hot Chicks Series. I purchased my first piece about a two years ago and have since added to my collection and have creatively designed rooms around them for a few of my clients. I love the fashion and editorial shots, the graffiti- like words and the subtle textures and colors. I always find something new hidden in them each time I look closely to admire.

Below is more information about Greg; he is a dear friend and a very talented artist. I would love to style a room for you using one of Greg’s Hot Chicks for my inspiration. Contact me directly since he only sells through art galleries and private art dealers. :)

C.Gregory Gummersall

Born in Pocatello, Idaho in 1947, painter C. Gregory Gummersall began his professional career with exhibitions in Durango, Colorado some thirty years ago. Soon after, he moved to California to be closer to a major art center. In the late 90s he returned to an 80 acre ranch near Durango, Colorado. His art has been exhibited in leading galleries around the US for the past thirty years with art residencies and exhibits in Germany and Austria. His art is in important private, corporate and public collections including the Fordham University Museum at Lincoln Center NYC, Federal Reserve Bank Chicago,  Palm Springs Art Museum, Toyota, Tucson Museum of Art, ANA Sheraton Hotel/ Osaka, Pacific Bank and many others.  Throughout the years his art has also been represented by galleries at major U.S. fine art fairs including Chicago, LA, Santa Fe, NY, and San Francisco. Greg was honored to be included in the 183rd National Academy Invitational Exhibition Of Contemporary American Art in NYC. Recent exhibits have included the Jean Albano Gallery in Chicago, JRB Gallery in Oklahoma City, and the WC3 Gallery in Woody Creek + A.Beadles Fine Art/ Carbondale-Ft. Worth in the Aspen area.

“Gregory’s paintings have an energetically gestural, spontaneous quality. His brushstrokes suggest symbols or signs whose meanings can be sensed but never fully grasped.  They are reminiscent of adrenaline-filled quickly-drawn graffiti. But unlike the temporary existence of most graffiti, Greg’s brushstrokes and use of collage build upon each other to create a sense of memory in the canvases; nothing is erased, and through the layers of paint, the history of his marks remain visible.”

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