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The Many Facets of Love

When I saw this picture Holly sent me of her boys, it reminded me of my sister and I, but with Barbie dolls under the kitchen table instead of cars! 

Love comes in many forms, it isn’t always between boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives like we immediately think of around the day of chocolates and flowers love. What about the love you feel for a sibling? That’s an equally strong love felt by you two and you two alone.

I remember growing up, my sister and 7 years a part, she was like my little living doll. For her birthday I would dress her up and make her princess for a day. She got the full spa treatment with shampooed hair and painted nails. I would always make her a crown to wear and pushed her around in a laundry basket. THAT is love, folks!

It’s a many splendid thing…

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