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The City Sandal

My great aunt Evelyn always said “You’re going to break your ankle in those things!” I embraced the “higher the heel, the closer to heaven” mentality to the hilt. And sure, there were times I thought my ankle was broken. But it wasn’t. It was just turned a little. And it only swelled a tad. My ankles are now iron clad after those few embarrassing moments in public, and several more in the privacy of my own home. I am now thrilled to tell you all about my part time replacement to sky high heels.

Meet: the city sandal.

Ah the city sandal…it graced many a runway for Spring Summer 2014 with it’s chunky heel, never being more than a cool 3” – and providing a full ankle strap and (gasp) support. It’s time to think about working this oh-so functional and super stylish addition into your wardrobe. At first glance you might think them matronly; fear not! These sandals will give your feet a much needed break and put you right on trend. 

The city sandal is great because it really is comfortable. The lower chunky heel allows for you to get where you’re going with a little extra height without the fear of a turned ankle. Most offer ankle straps with a few thick straps or many strappy straps to make sure your feet are, well, strapped in. After all, you have errands to run and after many seasons of sky high stilettos, it’s time you give the tootsies a rest! Bonus: they pack easily for your vacation. Wear them to the beach, by the pool, for a casual dinner, brunch, sightseeing…are you catching the drift? The cousin of the flatform might just be here to stay awhile.


Cami Dean for Congress

She’s a single mother of four, two of her children are in military school. She’s a former boarding school consultant that feels strongly about good education. Cami Dean knows sign language and is passionate about special needs children. Her conservative platform makes her an excellent candidate; she will be the voice. She has worked on the Perry campaign and is now running for District 3 Congress! This power house woman is bound for DC and I am honored and privileged to be working as her image consultant along the way. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming events, and how you can get involved.

Cami’s website is:

Cami Dean – Ted Lincoln Dinner

She will be a power house leader, but she is also one of the girls. Here she is looking very congressional but still oh so chic and modern for the Ted Lincoln dinner: