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Spring is in the Air!

Ok ok, maybe it’s not in the air just yet, but hey – the sun has shone for the last 3 days and it will grace us for the next week! That’s kind of something to celebrate – or at least bust out your most fierce pair of shades for ;-)
While we’re having a chat, meet Drew. She’s an incredible model and you’ll be seeing some more of her in our editorial edits and other pictures. At second glance, how fabulous is that umbrella?! You can’t go wrong with a sassy umbrella to shield you from a shower. I almost want really don’t want it to rain any time soon!

The City Sandal

My great aunt Evelyn always said “You’re going to break your ankle in those things!” I embraced the “higher the heel, the closer to heaven” mentality to the hilt. And sure, there were times I thought my ankle was broken. But it wasn’t. It was just turned a little. And it only swelled a tad. My ankles are now iron clad after those few embarrassing moments in public, and several more in the privacy of my own home. I am now thrilled to tell you all about my part time replacement to sky high heels.

Meet: the city sandal.

Ah the city sandal…it graced many a runway for Spring Summer 2014 with it’s chunky heel, never being more than a cool 3” – and providing a full ankle strap and (gasp) support. It’s time to think about working this oh-so functional and super stylish addition into your wardrobe. At first glance you might think them matronly; fear not! These sandals will give your feet a much needed break and put you right on trend. 

The city sandal is great because it really is comfortable. The lower chunky heel allows for you to get where you’re going with a little extra height without the fear of a turned ankle. Most offer ankle straps with a few thick straps or many strappy straps to make sure your feet are, well, strapped in. After all, you have errands to run and after many seasons of sky high stilettos, it’s time you give the tootsies a rest! Bonus: they pack easily for your vacation. Wear them to the beach, by the pool, for a casual dinner, brunch, sightseeing…are you catching the drift? The cousin of the flatform might just be here to stay awhile.


The Midi Skirt


With the temperatures not giving me any hope of rising in the next two weeks, I went ahead and pulled my spring summer pieces down. A girl can dream, right?! I wanted to see what trends I already have in my semi-curated wardrobe. It’s always kind of like shopping when you haven’t seen some pieces in several months. Lo and behold, two of my favorites were there – my grape purple high waist knee skimming pencil skirt, and my yellow full midi skirt with pleats…Joy! Their black and white counterparts stay in my closet 365.

I’ve forever and always been a fan of any skirt that covers or hits just at the knee. Call me old fashion, but there’s something alluring about it. Lucille Ball wore the full skirt with her buttoned up top and small square scarf. In the 70s and 80s, skirts that just slipped over the knee got a slim down thus creating the midi pencil skirt. Spring 2014 is opening up our fashion palettes to the modest throwbacks with the re-vamp of the classic length skirt.

The pencil version is sultry and can be worn as a new office staple, or take it out on the town with some sparkle! The full midi skirt isn’t just for the jr. bridesmaid anymore, either. Give your maxi dress a rest and step out in a comfy midi skirt paired with your favorite top. Throw on a city sandal and try two trends in one for a casual Saturday afternoon stroll.

Check back Wednesday when I show you a few ways you can style your midi skirt this spring!